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Welcome to the Defenders level! You are at the top! This level is called “Defenders” because it was designed to help you learn how to use the “armor of God” to explain and defend your beliefs. It is very important to know what God’s Word says and how to use it both to fight against temptation and to honor God, your King! It’s also important to use God’s truth to show others that Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father. Consider these pages as a training manual to help you learn how to use the power of God’s Word. It’s the kind of power that can both protect you and draw others to Jesus Christ. Now, start putting on that God-given armor and defend your faith!

Level 4: Themes 1-12

Level 4: Theme 6

Year One Theme Files

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Year Two Theme Files

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Curriculum Explanation

Curriculum Roadmap: At the bottom of each unit within a theme download, you’ll see this graphic that shows where the child is within the curriculum. This level is the Defenders designed for ages 11+ and each of the 12 themes is broken down into 10 units or missions each. Below you will find how each individual unit or “Mission” is broken down within each theme.

The Memorize It! portion is the primary focus of each unit of a theme. The child memorizes and recites everything in this color box after the A, or if they are especially gifted with a good memory, they may memorize both the question and the response.

The Truth Impact is the main commentary that explains the teaching of the truth in this unit. There are other sections following that help the student to better understand and visualize the truths being taught such as explaining specific words, giving interesting facts, or suggesting simple ways to aid in memorizing the truth.

Truth Quest: This short exercise section is designed for the child to look up a passage and answer the questions.

Brain Stretchers: These questions are designed to help the child think through what they are learning, and these are ideal for discussion with the teacher.

Heart Questions: These questions are designed to help the child to make personal application of God’s truth to their life.

Bonus Q&A: These additional memorization questions and answers are designed for children who excel at learning and need more of a challenge.

At the end of each unit, there is a place for the teacher to sign their name if the child has been able to successfully quote the response to the question given. There is also a final review for each unit in which the child will recite the first five answers in a row for the Tournament Training and the second five answers in a row for the Final Tournament. You may want to require all 10 of the Q&A to be recited by those children who are especially good at memorization.